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The UCLA Center for Community Health

Our Mission

The mission of the UCLA Semel Institute Center for Community Health (CCH) is to advance the understanding of and to improve the health, development, and quality of life for children and adults in high-risk situations.
Our vision is to develop interventions and to conduct research that informs public policy for improving the welfare of children and adults in high-risk situations. CCH interventions are driven by cutting edge mHealth and implementation science methods to target illnesses and health conditions that disproportionately impact children and adults in high-risk situations: HIV, depression, substance use, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Our Values

The work conducted at CCH benefits from a multidisciplinary team of investigators with expertise in clinical and quantitative psychology, mHealth, sociology, kinesiology, infectious diseases, implementation science, biostatistics, and epidemiology.

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We feel very proud for our great achievement

Our faculty not only teach tomorrow’s public health practitioners and educators, but they create new knowledge in the field.