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Topic: HIV

Facilitating the Decentralization of Methadone Maintenance Therapy Services into Communities in Vietnam.

September 21, 2020

Status: Completed

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Vietnam is currently decentralizing its methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) dispensing network to its local commune health centers (CHC), which provides a window of opportunity to study decentralization of harm reduction and HIV-related healthcare services into community-based healthcare settings.

Commune health workers (CHW) in Vietnam have widespread misconceptions about harm reduction and perceived significant challenges associated with treating people who use drugs. Intervention effort is needed to address these issues to ensure a smooth implementation of the decentralized service model. This study will design and pilot test an intervention to facilitate the delivery of decentralized MMT/HIV services via three phases in Phu Tho Province, Vietnam. The intervention will be revised and finalized based on acceptability/feasibility evaluation data, process evaluation data, and feedbacks from intervention facilitators and participants.