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Topic: Medical Equipment


September 21, 2020

Status: Active

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SUDCare is a Phase I SBIR, led by Dimagi, Inc, with support from Drs. Gelberg, Swendeman and Comulada, to develop a prototype mobile-and web-based toolkit for substance use disorder (SUD) screening and management for primary care patients at risk of SUD. SUDCare will offer remote screening and follow-up care tailored to SUD risk level. SUDCare will be informed by and adapted from experience with the Quit Using Drugs Intervention Trial (QUIT), an efficacious empirically-based Screening and Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) program to prevent SUD for primary care patients. SUDCare will address both prevention and treatment support for SUD.

Components of SUDCare include the development of 1) remote screening tools (e.g., via patient’s mobile devices)  instead  of  in-clinic  screening  by  providers or staff and 2) a chatbot  to support logistical  and  routine queries that would otherwise be handled by primary care teams, if at all. Working with an adult and child primary care clinic and a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in SUD,  primary care,  paraprofessional coaching for reducing substance use, and data analytics, this project will follow a user-centered design model to build and test a prototype of SUDCare  with moderate to high risk patients to  assess its usability and acceptability.